Trueda’s Story:

We had a great day today driving across the varied eastern Washington terrains. We saw lots of golden fields, rolling hills, rocky scab prairies, mighty rivers, a great big dam, gigantic stone boulders and finally the pine forests of the Methow Valley. I’m going to let Michael’s photos and comments tell the rest of the story.


Michael’s Story:

Today was a good day for me. I woke up from a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed and ready for adventure. The day began at the Idahome Bed and Breakfast in Post Falls, ID, and ended at the Chewuch Inn and Cabins in Winthrop, WA. Trueda drove the entire trip, allowing me to sit back and enjoy the dramatic scenery. Here is a photo essay of the day.

Below: Idahome Bed and Breakfast in Post Falls, Idaho. Al, the innkeeper (his wife Maureen was away), was a delight to chat with over coffee in the morning and again over breakfast with Trueda. Thank you Al for making our stay special.



Below: Channeled Scablands, Eastern Washington. I have not often traveled through Eastern Washington, and was surprised at how much variety there is. We traveled across the northern end of the Channeled Scablands, a relatively barren and soil-free area.


Below: Grand Coulee Dam. An amazing feat of engineering competed in 1942. 



Below: Chewuch Inn and Cabins in Winthrop, WA.